Kettle Bells

Kettle Bells are a great way to build and improve strength and endurance in a class environment, focused on the lifting aspect of squating, lunging, swings, deadlifts, press’s, rows and many more!


Mother & Baby

This class is perfect for mums who are looking to get back into fitness while their wee one is young! With a mixture of spin and circuit training, this class will help mums to improve their strength and cardiovascular training!



A cycle class that focuses on real cycling situations with lots of climbs, sprints and all round peddling! Perfect class for a cyclist who wants to keep fit off season or just someone who loves a spin on the bike!

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Circuits is a fun fitness class where you can build strength, improve cardiovascular fitness and endurance in a group friendly environment! Classes are fun, challenging and in a friendly environment. Open to all levels of fitness!