What’s the best way to lose weight/Fat?

So many people ask the question all the time and all the answers are so misleading! Although the answer is a very simple one people try to tell you otherwise and lead you to believe that it’s “insert programme” or “insert diet” but what they don’t tell you is the simple truth! 

If you want to lose weight/fat it’s calories!!!!! Look at how many calories your eating and how many you burn off and that will show you why you are or why your not losing weight! For weight/fat loss to occur you need to be in a calorie deficit! All that means is you need to be burning more calories off than your putting in. So how do we figure this out..... well there are lots of options for you to use

  • Most expensive but a good investment is to get a fitness watch/tracker! Fitbit, Garmen, Apple Watch and many more. These are very simple and easy to use and allows you to see what you burn off daily!

  • Get in touch with a Professional!(personal trainer/nutritionist) Get someone who knows the ins and outs and does it for a job! They can collect data from you and figure it all out! 

  • Research it all yourself! If you don’t believe me go and research Calorie deficit/ Energy Expenditure and find out why I’m talking about it

So give this a try! Don’t worry about all the other bullshit that’s out on social media and the internet! People want to sell you something that’s seems amazing but in truth is a complete waste of time!