Improving your health as a parent  

This blog post is for all the parents out there looking to improve their own health and fitness! For the parents who are struggling with exercise and nutrition 🏻

  • Play with your kids - now I don’t just mean playing with them in the house, I mean get outside - go the park/cycling/walking/running/outdoor activities . If you want to keep yourself fit then play with your kids, children have this relentless energy to keep going for hours and hours, use that to your advantage and get them out moving 🏻 

  • Workout with your kids - sounds difficult right? That’s all down to mindset, they will mess around and they will frustrate you but understand they are learning, your the teacher and if your showing them about all things health and fitness they will learn a lot! The will learn hard work/work ethics/ controlling their body/ having fun and most of all they are spending time with you which in later years they will come to massively appreciate  This is great for you because your getting in a workout helping to keep you on track and your also spending time and teaching your child a great thing called fitness!

  • You want your child to eat well right? So why not get them to help you cook with you so they can see the different delicious foods out there! Cook the whole family a healthy but yummy meal and enjoy the process!  

  • Walk more! 

Note: Keep track of your calories and energy expenditure (how much you burn daily)! Look to create a calorie deficit and keep logging your intake to help you stay on track🏻

If anyone else has any tips about being a busy fit parent then get in touch