3 things we can learn from kids

  1. Move for fun! Kids love to be active! They love to play and move their bodies, we should take note of this and try to replicate them, move, run, walk, jump, crawl, sprint🏻 Theres lots of things we can do️‍♀️🏻‍♂️🤼‍♂️

  2. Perseverance- one thing we can take from children is the perseverance they show when learning new things! To begin with the lay down, they then learn to sit up, then to crawl, then to stand, then to walk! They don’t give up half way and say “aww I can’t stand so I’ll never walk” they keep going and keep trying until eventually they stand! 🏻

  3. Sleep well and wake up early! We’ve all heard the term sleep like a baby right? This is a prime example of something we can take from children, get enough sleep and get yourself up and on the move bright and early! As we grow up we get to bed later and out of bed later? Why? Let’s get ourselves some good quality sleep so we can be more productive and get up early to give ourselves time to fit things in🏻

There are much more things you can take from children and the things they do, I feel these 3 are most important and they are the main things people struggle with - time, tiredness and lack of perseverance 🏻

Stay active - Stay Positive - Keep Going